ABC of Kuwait provides comprehensive developmental assessments, direct one-on-one home-based and center-based ABA therapy, parent training and consultation, ABA therapist supervision, teacher consultation and training, and educator and parent workshops.

Center Based Therapy

Our center based program is designed to provide intensive 1:1 instruction including discrete trial and natural environment teaching. Therapists work to build the skills of the child to achieve independence to the maximum extent possible. Our goal is to increase the skill levels of each child to ensure that the child is able to generalize skills successfully in the natural environment.

Home Based Therapy

ABC will develop an intensive home-based ABA program in order to meet the child’s unique needs including motor, linguistic, social, emotional and other academic skills. The purpose of the home program can be either to supplement school programs to assist the child or to act as a standalone program to help the child gain acquisition of all necessary skill domains.

Supervision & Consultation

The center assists parents and ABA case managers in the development and implementation of individualized treatment plans, and demonstrate new behavioral and educational interventions to be introduced into the child’s program of therapies. ABC provides parents and therapists training in effective techniques for managing everything from self-stimulatory behavior to friendship development.

Parent Training

ABC is available to train parents in the areas of behavior management and the application of discrete trial training in the hopes that parents will also become part of the child’s therapy team. Parents are integral to the success of each child.

School Shadowing & Collaboration

ABC will work in conjunction with the child’s school, implementing and monitoring cognitive, academic and behavioral goals as set out in the Individualized Education Plan (IEP). ABC can provide a classroom shadow, an ABA trained therapist who will work with your child’s teacher to help your child integrate into this setting, and providing additional support wherever your child needs it.

School Teacher Training & Workshops

The center provides training to educators on effective strategies for including children with special needs in a mainstream classroom. Teacher and assistant training may focus on the introduction to ABA, reinforcement procedures and preference assessments, discrete trial instruction, teaching new skills, inclusion techniques, play/social skills, functional assessments as well as training and supervision in providing one on one therapy in specially prepared or after-school settings.

ACE Curriculum

For over forty years the New England Center for Children has researched effective teaching procedures for children with autism. The curriculum protocols used in the classrooms are developed based on systematic research conducted at NECC or elsewhere, and published in peer reviewed journals. This research to practice model facilitates the refinement of components of errorless teaching procedures, discrete trial training methods, task analysis, and incidental teaching models. The curriculum is designed using these procedures for a broad scope of skills and then translated into a computer program, the Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia (ACE®).

The ACE® is a computerized database which holds assessments, curriculum, and data analysis tools for teaching children with autism.
The ACE® contains a Core Skills Assessment instrument which provides a protocol for the direct measurement of 52 critical skills in the curriculum. Students are evaluated yearly and those skills which are not mastered are targeted as teaching objectives. Lesson plans to address each of those skills can be found within the scope and sequence of curriculum on the ACE. The Core Skills Assessment is repeated yearly and student performance is tracked across years.
The ACE® contains over 1,500 lesson plans providing step-by-step instruction to assess and teach skills in the areas of communication, self-help, academics, social, leisure, physical fitness, community, and vocational skills.



How to Start


Application Process

For parents and caregivers interested in services offered by ABC, the first step is to call our front desk and ask for an enrollment application. The more detail you can provide on the child’s condition, including copies of any recent medical or school reports, the better equipped we will be to assist both the child and the family. Once returned to us, we will be in contact to arrange an initial meeting between the parents and a member of our enrollment team.


Initial Meeting

The purpose of the initial meeting with ABC is to discuss the child’s case in detail, and to fully explain what ABA therapy is, how it works, and the services offered at ABC. The child should not be present for this initial meeting so the family and specialist are able to fully discuss the treatment options available.



Following the initial meeting, we will book an assessment date for the child and parents. The assessment includes identifying the level of the child’s communication, social, self-help and academic skills, observing any problem behaviours, as well as meeting with the parents to discuss the needs and abilities of their child. Following the assessment, a report will be issued that includes our clinical recommendations, skills to be targeted, and recommended techniques to be used when teaching the child. Once the report is received, parents can arrange a follow up meeting to discuss the recommendations with our clinical specialist.


Enrollment Process

As soon as the decision is taken to join, an email requesting enrolment must be sent to either or In your email, please specify the following:

  1. The preferred location (Abu Hassaniya or Kuwait City)
  2. The number of hours per week requested
  3. Morning or afternoon sessions
  4. Language to be taught, either English or Arabic

Once this information is received, the child will be added to our waiting list. As soon as a suitable placement opens up, a meeting will be scheduled between the parents and a member of our enrolment team to fill out the necessary enrolment paperwork and sign a services contract.


While I Wait

While it is highly recommended to begin an ABA program as soon as a child is identified as having a developmental delay, unfortunately, it can take several months before a suitable placement becomes available. To ensure no time is wasted, we recommend parents learn as much as possible about ABA. Taking a parent training course is an important start, and consultation services can help parents set up a home program so the child benefits from ABA therapy before joining ABC.

We have compiled the following resources to help parents and caregivers get started. We hope they help.

Online Resources

Online Video Links