Success Stories

Parent letter 1

I was trying to teach my son to use the bathroom when I discovered his disability. He wasn’t listening or able to understand what he was told to do. I remember grabbing his shoulders and asking him to look at me. He turned his face to the other side. I had to grab his face and asked him to look in my eyes. He replied with a stray look to other side. At the moment, I realized that something isn’t right.

A series of former events thrust into my head. How could I miss all these signs! I kept asking myself.

My son was very isolated and refused to play with other children. He was stuck on me in all family gatherings that we used to have weekly. He seemed to be very distracted and lived in his own world. With a stray look on his face and no response at all towards anything that happens –even if it was happening under his nose. His condition overwhelmed me with grief. Everyone in my huge family noticed that he was different. That look on their faces when he starts rocking or flapping his hands told me a lot. I’m not only facing his disability, I’m facing a whole community that seems to be very illiterate when it comes to a disabled child. As the holy Qur’an says: “Wealth and children are adornments of worldly life“, I believed that my son is a gift from God and there is a reason for having a child with disability.

My son had so many issues need to be dealt with: stray looks, rocking, flapping hands, jumping over furniture all the time, silence and absence of interactions, tantrums, sticking on me in family weekly gatherings, and the most heart breaking thing was my inability to create a bond with my only child.

My son’s doctor recommended ABC center to overcome behavior obstacles I was facing with him. From the first few weeks, he was noticeably improving in so many aspects. He showed better eye contact and interacted with family members and tried to join other children for a few minutes. It was a very promising start and a glimpse of hope lightened my heart deeply.

After eight months of his admission at ABC center, my son became a totally different child. This time he is different in a very beautiful way. He has really changed and showed marvelous improvement that has thrilled his teachers, therapists, doctors and certainly the whole family.

He is a very sociable child and is really loved by all his friends, relatives and peers. He managed to get along with them successfully and showed very good skills and abilities in playing or dealing with them. He became very confident with a very high self-steam. He is able to express his needs and he even makes funny comments to family members and defends himself very well when he makes a mistake! He is not rocking or flapping his hands any more. He has a better eye contact and not distracted as he used to be. He even can tell stories now!

I remember being told that my son will not be perfect as any mother would like her child to be. They told me he might be “almost normal” and to reach this point I have to work hard with him for years. With ABC team efforts, I’m pleased and thankful to say that I have reached this point within a year or less! ABA therapy shortened my journey. I’m working now on my son’s academic skills and abilities. Today, my son is a success story I would happily share with all mothers to prove that there are disabled children who can feel and live the success that my precious son has achieved with their own children.

I’m truly grateful and really blessed that I had the chance to provide my child with ABA therapy at ABC center. As my son’s life has improved in so many ways, my life became happier, easier and full of patience and dedication.

“This letter was written by a past client of ABC, and the letter was not solicited”

Parent Letter 2

Before joining the ABC center, our daughter used to pronounce just a few understandable words, had very aggressive behavior against other children her age and appeared to be very delayed compared to her peers.

Due to these issues and other issues like potty accidents and decreased attention span, she wasn’t able to join any school neither in the government or private sectors since the schools couldn’t deal with her condition.

At home she used to take all our attention most of the time because of her inability to differentiate between what’s right and what’s wrong so she needed to be attended all the time by someone older. Also she wasn’t able to play with her cousins and other children in her age group because of her aggressive behavior toward them which mostly ended up with scratches and bruises that she still carry on her fragile skin.

In our efforts to solve these issues, our daughter was seen and is currently been followed by more than 6 Pediatric subspecialties including Developmental, Neurology and Physiotherapy. She completed multiple courses in speech therapy and occupational therapy in Al Sabah Physiotherapy Hospital with no significant improvement. Then we looked for more specialized centers where more intensive sessions were given.

After a few weeks in an other center, our daughter showed minimal improvement but we were not happy with the ambiguous structure and objectives that were provided.

Then we transferred her to ABC center where everything started to change. Here I would like to point out the most important advantages and achievements that made us prefer the ABC center:

  • The Center is well structured and equipped.
  • Well defined objectives and protocols were provided and
  • Continuous updates and feedbacks were provided by the team throughout the treatment
  • We can say that in the first year important goals were achieved during this period including:
    • Her aggressive behavior significantly decreased, she became more playful and Although some accidents still happen, the frequency has significantly decreased.
    • Her speech improved in a way that was shocking to every family member including ourselves as This was noticed in Arabic and English, putting in mind that the later was just started a few weeks ago as part of the intended agenda to prepare her for a main stream school in the next year.
    • After multiple exhausting attempts to potty train her before joining the ABC center, she is finally Potty trained. This was a very important achievement for
    • As a part of her intended education plan, she is coping with school structures as a result of her morning sessions in the Nursery with a shadow from the center. This allowed our daughter to deal with other children and follow daily schedules in


As a parent and a Medical professional, I’m highly satisfied with the goals achieved

“This letter was written by a past client of ABC, and the letter was not solicited”

Parent Letter 3

Dear ABC,

When my son was diagnosed with Communication and Language disorder, I was so depressed and lost at that time. He was 4 years old and I felt like it is too late to help him.  I attended many workshops and conferences here in Kuwait seeking hope. I remember that day when I was in” Child Development Conference” March 11-13 at Salwa Al Sabah Hall. I was attending a workshop and I couldn’t behold myself and I grabbed the microphone and share my suffering story. There was a couple in the next table, they passed a paper with a note: “Take him to ABC”. At that time I have no idea what that meant. Then they gave me a brief about the centre. So, I can say from that moment our journey with ABC began.

We went to the centre and registered for an ABA Parent Education Workshop to understand and implement ABA methods in order to effectively impact the child’s skill development. I remember what I said to Amber in one of the 4 sessions I told her: “I wish that my son would be able to talk to me and respond on the phone, I dream of the day he can tell me about his day, expressing his needs and wishes, tells me what he want for his birthday cake to look like, asking for place to go, I want to read a story to him, watching a movie at the cinema”. I was so dispirit at that time and wondering if my dream will comes true one day. I remembered Ambers smile, it was warm and promising.

It was difficult and tough to face the fact that I have a son that I can’t help. Every day I couldn’t sleep without thinking and worrying about his future, and every morning I wake up and hope for a radical change. That was a lot of weight to carry. And the fact that I’m placing the responsibility in someone else’s hands was dreadful.

When my son started the one on one session he was almost completely non-verbal, with little to no eye contact or social interaction. Through the last three years I saw my son grow in all aspects of his development. He has grown in his social skills and behaviours. Now his academic level is above all of the other kids, and he is 7 years old and can read with fluent language, his language has greatly improved. His social skills with kids have become great. His involvement with family and friends has increased. He recognizes and interacts with family members even when he doesn’t see them on a daily basis. His behaviour has improved dramatically. He is able to recognize, interpret, and respond to different situations. He is able to express love and kindness, and he can using the bathroom by himself, sleeping in his own bed and feed himself. Now, he knows my number and he calls me asking when I will come home because he has demands. My son is amazing, he is always God gift to me. I adore his comments, he is funny and smart. He attends a school with normal peers without being shadowed or monitored.

We are so fortunate to have been referred to this centre, they have provided me with knowledgeable therapy, education about developmental delays, and have most importantly been a great source of encouragement. The therapists were always enthusiastic and made me feel hopeful for my son’s progress. They also shared with me techniques to deal with difficult behaviour and recommended things that I could do to work with my son when they aren’t present. In addition, the abilities to come into our home and work with my son have played a huge part in learning and correcting behaviours there. The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable, they were outstanding. The office staff also were polite, helpful, and easy to work with. We are sad to end services with ABC but excited for my son to be in a typical classroom. We are so excited to see what the future has to bring him. We look to his future in such a positive way now, and are so excited to watch him progress even more.

I can’t ever thank you enough for all you have done for my son, you have changed our son’s life forever.

“This letter was written by a past client of ABC, and the letter was not solicited”