Who are we

Who we are


“The story of ABC begins in March of 2011.

Many families in the country did not have access to effective, evidence-based autism treatment and needed the support of both professionals in the field and of their Kuwaiti community to overcome the obstacles they were faced with.

Frustrated with the level of services available in their home country and country of residence, founders Heather Busch, Fintan Murphy, Abdullah Al Ali, and Zaina Al Zabin came together with one goal in mind – to give children with ASD, and their families, the promise of a better life, by providing them with the golden standard of services available worldwide, at home here in Kuwait.

ABC was established with an absolute dedication to providing the highest level of services to children with autism and related disorders.  This was ensured by working with leading autism treatment centers in the USA, namely, the New England Center for children. With over 40 years of experience in the field, and regional experience in Abu Dhabi for over 20 years, the affiliation between ABC and NECC was able to develop an effective, evidence based intervention teaching program, which has transformed the lives of over 100 children with ASD over the past 5 years.

Furthermore, as part of its promise, ABC has also given back to the community in Kuwait. ABC sponsors families with financial difficulties through its financial aid program. We have also been determined to increase the knowledge of ASD through free lectures and workshops, provided to both parents and professionals in the healthcare and educational fields. And in our promise to enlarge the ABA sector in Kuwait, we have provided internships to students at the Kuwait University Psychology and Speech therapy faculty.

Starting off as a small team of 7 instructors providing treatment to 6 children, ABC now has a team of 72 professionals providing services to over 60 children in 3 different countries.

Through evidence-based teaching, collaboration with each family, compassion and understanding for the individuals we work with, ABC is changing the standard of autism treatment throughout the country.  We feel honored to be able to support our children and families at ABC in their journey towards having a fair chance at reaching their full potential, not just as individuals, but as integrated members of their society. “


The Vision

To be the leading regional ABA treatment and services center that redefines and improves the role of children and their families living with autism and developmental delays.

The Mission

To provide certified care and effective, evidence-based therapeutic intervention to children living with autism and other developmental delays.

ABC will broaden societal awareness through education, and contribute to the field of ABA therapy with research and regulation.

Our Values

ABC is a structured, direct and objective entity whose focus is to provide evidence based program in a clinical learning environment through qualified professionals.
These values are implemented on all levels, from management to client care.


ABC is a learning center that challenges misconceptions through involvement and collaborative effort.
By involving the families in a conducive learning environment, intervention and integration becomes engaging, stimulating and group oriented.
A positive impact can be made in a society that will facilitate exchange, education and expansion by working collectively.

Compassionate –
ABC provides hope for independence and capability to children and their families with autism.
Our approach to understanding, communicating, and engaging the child and family revolve around compassion and empathy.
Through these key values we are able to understand and tailor our approach for each child and family’s needs to find the most effective therapy.